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Check your setup


Works perfectly for Skoda Enyaq IV60. Used the "Stekker" app for the first time in combination with my (home) charging station "Wallbox Pulsar Plus". It stopped a few times and then automatically resumed charging after a while. Saved 1.08kg and CO2 €0.54!! Awesome!! The is visually stunning and easy to use. Compliments!!!


Apple App Store Review

Super convenient and clear app if you want to smart charge your electric vehicle. With the Tesla Model 3 connected, you can see when the car starts charging and at what cheap energy rates. Recommended if you want to charge more cleanly and cheaply!


Google Play Review

This is a fantastic app that allows you to charge more sustainably and cheaply, giving you not only a good feeling but also actual cost savings. Stekker also regularly updates the application with new and fun features, and the app is very user-friendly. You can easily see a nice graph showing when the car will start charging at the cheapest time.


Google Play Review

Stekker works with

Internet connected cars

Certain smart cars like Tesla and Volkswagen can connect with Stekker through the internet. Stekker will tell the vehicle when it's smart to charge.

Smart chargers

We support a wide range of charge points, which enables smart charging for any type of vehicle.

Suitable energy contracts

Reduce your electricity bill if your energy contract has price variations, like dynamic price contracts. We support many European and American contracts.

How to get started


Check your setup

Check if your car, charger and contract support smart charging.

Check it now

Get the Stekker app

Scan the QR code or find ‘Stekker app’ in your favourite app store.


Start a session

Plug in your car and start charging like you would normally do


Activate smart charging

Every time you start a session you will receive a push notification that you can tap to enable smart charging.


Manage session

Choose how much range you want to add as fast as possible and how much as cheap and clean as possible


Ready to go!

Start making an impact and saving cost!

You’re all set!

You can now enable smart charging  🎉

A woman plugging in her electric car.

Control your charging session

Choose to charge fast or smart up to a certain range or percentage. By setting a departure time you’ll always have the required charge when needed.

Charge at the lowest energy rates

Optimize charging based on market prices and/or discounted tariffs. This way you don't just save on your energy bill, you contribute to a healty balance on the grid.

Get charging statistics

Per session, per day or per month

A guy plugging in his electric car

Electricity price forecast

Plan your charging sessions based on renewable energy peaks and kWh price drops.

Advanced charging history

Get insights on your past charging sessions and savings.

Solar charging

Use own solar panels to charge your car

Set up automatic smart charging profiles

Closeup of power plug of an electric vehicle while charging.

Smart charging when the sun is shining

The charging session can adjust to the power your local solar generates. Driving on solar energy is not only as clean as it gets, it's also very affordable.

Advanced charging profiles

Eg. ‘Every time I plug in my Tesla after 8pm, add 40% range as fast as possible and 60% as smart as possible before 7am the next day.’