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Stekker is aiming to make a huge impact on the energy transition through its platform that leverages electric vehicles to charge with the cleanest power possible and reduces stress on the grid. In the process we can help utilities save billions of dollars in grid infrastructure investments and we enable renewable energy producers to increase the value of their output. We reduce the world's reliance on gas and coal. We empower a community of EV drivers to contribute their flexibility and reduce energy costs and emissions, accelerating our transition away from fossil fuels, towards a clean and more affordable energy system.

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Our job vacancies

Growth Hacker

driving conversion and retention during our international expansion

We're looking for a growth hacker, based in Western-Europe, North America (in eastern time zone) or Canada. We're offering a full-time position.

You care about:

  • a calm environment where you can do your best work,
  • receiving the trust to improve things without asking for permission,
  • our mission,
  • being part of a small team, passionate about their work and impact,
  • monthly active usage of real people, driven by significant savings for people and our planet, not vanity metrics such as the number of installs,
  • being in touch with the users of our service to better understand their needs and where conversion can be improved,
  • as well figuring out creative and cost-effective ways to attract new users, really understanding the workings of a complex field that is (possibly) still quite new to you (energy and e-mobility),
  • always finding better ways of working as we move forward,
  • instead of an environment where things are set in stone,
  • not just coming up with plans that look good on paper, but actively constantly doing, learning and improving with every iteration

You like to back up your arguments with an analysis of the data. You enjoy optimizing the conversion, improving communications and channels. You’re able to provide input on strategic matters, such as what features should be built, which features are standard vs. premium, or what Value Added Resellers we should partner with.

You are open to working remotely the majority of the time. If you are in the Netherlands, we organize team meet-ups and we work together on-site (in various parts of the country). People on the team meet physically about once a week.

You enjoy writing copy for the various types of media (including our website and social media) and to improve the user onboarding process. You organize interviews if that helps you understand our user/customer better.

You figure out how to create effective campaigns that increase our positive impact and the health of the company.

You actively engage with people outside and inside Stekker to seize opportunities for growth that are realistic but exciting.

You’re fluent in written English, but don’t have to be a native English speaker. What we offer to you:

  • a “mobility arrangement” where driving an electric vehicle is (partially) paid for
  • a “remote work arrangement” where we contribute to a healthy and pleasant work environment
  • co-ownership: you also receive stock-based compensation

Software Engineer

building a powerful platform and app that people love to use

You care about:

  • a calm environment where you can do your best work,
  • iterating fast (shipping new features often and improving them over time),
  • receiving the trust to make changes without asking for permission,
  • our mission,
  • the user’s experience,
  • learning new skills and techniques,
  • writing code that is easy to understand and with adequate test coverage,
  • developer happiness,
  • having time for deep work,
  • keeping technical debt as low as possible whilst being pragmatic enough not to over-engineer a solution

You enjoy developing infrastructure that has a real-world physical impact (e.g. a large fleet of cars and the power grid modern society strongly depends upon) instead of developing yet another web-app.

You’re not afraid to suggest and/or implement changes that make the stack easier to maintain, improve developer happiness and/or improves scalability.

We look for real demonstrable projects that you can point to and talk about. We favor a curious attitude over a degree or credentials.

You also keep in mind that powerful technology is only relevant if people can and wish to actually use it. You are already familiar with most of the techniques we use and enjoy learning about the others.

How we work:

  • We don’t use text-based chat, we mainly use asynchronous tools to enable more time for deep work.
  • No meetings in the mornings.
  • Meetings we do have are very short and effective, loosely inspired by Holacracy.
  • Our team uses “Shape up” (originated from Basecamp), which enables us to make software that we’re proud of. Among other things, we work in so-called “cycles” of 6 weeks, followed by a 2 week cool-down period.
  • It’s important to us that developers experience freedom to build software and ship it. Our test suite enables us to work with a “Ship, show, ask” strategy (as proposed by Martin Fowler in this article).
  • We do pair and even have mob programming sessions to improve both the code and ourselves. 
  • CI/CD works through Github Actions.
  • We have a monorepo that holds both a Ruby Stack, Machine Learning code and our Android & iOS codebase.
  • We use the latest Ruby on Rails and Hotwire. We’re very happy with this choice, which was made after an experiment
  • We’re not afraid to experiment with and evaluate new technologies.
  • We keep our dependencies up to date with Dependabot.
  • Deployments with Ansible.
  • We use TailwindCSS and Stimulus.
  • Our app mainly consists of a web application, wrapped in a native container, this allows us to move very fast.

What we offer to you:

  • You can work where you want.
  • You have 2 weeks in every 2 months where you can work on the things you prefer (cool-down).
  • A small, passionate team with a pragmatic approach but working on a larger vision.
  • A “mobility arrangement” where driving an electric vehicle is (partially) paid for.
  • Co-ownership: you also receive stock-based compensation

Note: If you're doing recruitment we kindly ask you not to reach out. Agency Terms of Business will not be accepted.

How to apply?

When applying, please include a written motivation with any relevant work experience and/or projects.

Stekker is an equal opportunity employer. We not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status. If you need any assistance or accommodations due to a disability, please let us know so we can provide you the necessary equipment and make available the facilities that you require.

Stekker does not accept agency resumes.