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The smartest and cheapest way to charge your car

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How Stekker works


Plug in your car

Each charging session starts with adding maximum range as soon as possible.


Add smart charging


Save costs

During smart charging, Stekker optimizes the session based on real time electricity price drops.

A graph illustrating that Stekker maximises charging at moments of price drops for electricity.

Get charging statistics

Per session, per day or per month

A guy plugging in his electric car

Electricity price forecast

Plan your charging sessions based on renewable energy peaks and kWh price drops.

Advanced charging history

Get insights on your past charging sessions and savings.

Enable smart charging

Reduce carbon emissions and charging costs

A woman plugging in her electric car.

Control your charging session

Choose to charge fast or smart up to a certain range or percentage. By setting a departure time you’ll always have the required charge when needed.

Charge at the lowest energy rates

Optimize charging based on market prices and/or discounted tariffs. This way you don't just save on your energy bill, you contribute to a healty balance on the grid.

Solar charging

Use own solar panels to charge your car

Set up automatic smart charging profiles

Closeup of power plug of an electric vehicle while charging.

Smart charging when the sun is shining

The charging session can adjust to the power your local solar generates. Driving on solar energy is not only as clean as it gets, it's also very affordable.

Advanced charging profiles

Eg. ‘Every time I plug in my Tesla after 8pm, add 40% range as fast as possible and 60% as smart as possible before 7am the next day.’Get insights on your past charging sessions and savings.

Are you ready for smart charging?

Save over € 500* on electricity each year

You need a smart car,

Picture of a Tesla and a Volkswagen ID.3

eg. Tesla Model 3 or Volkswagen ID.3

and a charge point

Picture of a smart charger from Alfen

eg. Alfen wall charger


Download Stekker app

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Scan the QR code or search for 'Stekker' in the app store


Create free account

Add details about your car, charger and energy contract


Enable smart charging

From now on you can make any charging session smart!

* Based on average savings for EV owners with an EPEX contract in the first half of 2022.

Let's make a change

Beyond smart charging

With smart charging we avoid electricity generated by fossil fueled power plants.

We prioritize renewable energy for charging electric vehicles, at lower costs.

This reduces CO₂ emissions and lowers your monthly electricity bill.

CO2 reduction per year

For an average Stekker user

Yearly cost reduction

When used with a dynamic price contract

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