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Stekker helps to shift electricity use to moments when it's cheap and clean

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Use our app for free to charge and consume only during the cleanest and cheapest hours.

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Smart charging for multiple chargepoints through the Stekker Dashboard.

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Charge your vehicle when it's clean and cheap
We help you use energy when energy is cheap and clean, like charging your vehicle.
Our smart algorithms scour the markets for the best prices and incorporate your solar panels.
This reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and allows more clean energy onto the grid.

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At Stekker, we create tools, apps, and algorithms that help people and businesses shift their electricity use to cleaner, energy-abundant hours.

Check out our Stekker app on Android and iOS. For smart charging, you can figure out compatibility of your country, charge point and vehicle in the app, or by visiting our web check.

For additional support, check out our customer support.

Want to join us on this mission?

We keep working to expand our group of partners, ambassadors, team members, befriended developers and clean energy enthusiasts. Interested to join?

If you're curious, check out our community at

If you’re a developer and you need to interact with our API please check out or our available open source projects on GitHub. If you want to automate your home, check out Stekker's integrations with IFTTT.

If you want to come join our team, be sure to check our jobs pages in English and Dutch. Any questions? Contact us here.
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How to get started with Stekker


Check your setup

Check if your car, charger and contract support smart charging.

Check your compatibility

Get the Stekker app

Scan the QR code or find ‘Stekker app’ in your favourite app store.


Start a session

Start the app, follow the instructions, and tell Stekker when you need your vehicle. Stekker will start charging at moments when it is smart to do so.

Stekker works with

Internet connected cars

Certain smart cars like Tesla and Volkswagen can connect with Stekker through the internet. Stekker will tell the vehicle when it's smart to charge.

Smart chargers

We support a wide range of charge points, which enables smart charging for any type of vehicle.

Suitable energy contracts

Reduce your electricity bill if your energy contract has price variations, like dynamic price contracts. We support many European and American contracts.

Stekker business

Smart charging for multiple charge points
Get access to Stekker Dashboard
Save and earn thanks to solar and wind power
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How Stekker helps to stabilize the grid

The success of clean energy has caused recent peaks of energy flowing onto the grid.

That's a problem, because the grid always needs to be perfectly balanced. If too much electricity flows onto the grid, things can start to heat up and fail.

By storing these peaks of solar and wind power in the batteries of cars, we can help to lower the load on the grid and allows more clean energy to be used instead.

While saving costs for everyone.

Are you ready for smart charging?

Check your setup


Works perfectly for Skoda Enyaq IV60. Used the "Stekker" app for the first time in combination with my (home) charging station "Wallbox Pulsar Plus". It stopped a few times and then automatically resumed charging after a while. Saved 1.08kg and CO2 €0.54!! Awesome!! The is visually stunning and easy to use. Compliments!!!


Apple App Store Review

Super convenient and clear app if you want to smart charge your electric vehicle. With the Tesla Model 3 connected, you can see when the car starts charging and at what cheap energy rates. Recommended if you want to charge more cleanly and cheaply!


Google Play Review

This is a fantastic app that allows you to charge more sustainably and cheaply, giving you not only a good feeling but also actual cost savings. Stekker also regularly updates the application with new and fun features, and the app is very user-friendly. You can easily see a nice graph showing when the car will start charging at the cheapest time.


Google Play Review