Stekker helps you to clean up your energy use

With smart home integrations, Stekker helps you easily to power your house and car with cleaner (and cheaper) electricity.

Stekker integrations with IFTTT

'If This Then That' (IFTTT) is a quick and easy way to automate your favorite apps and devices. Stekker integrates well with IFTTT, and helps your devices to turn on or off depending on live electricity prices or available clean electricity. We have created some of our own triggers and applets for IFTTT. These can help to lower your energy and carbon costs.

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Get help and tips

Need help or inspiration on home automation? Explore our forum to see and discuss the setup of others.

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Example Stekker applets

The following integrations are illustrative for how Stekker could be set up.

Boost hot water production of NIBE heat pump during the hours when electricity is cheapest.Charge my car to 100% on my own solar power

Solar inverter

Activate super freezing mode when the low electricity prices occur. ⚡️❄️

Google Nest Thermostat

Lower the temperature by 2 °C when electricity is expensive

Google Nest Thermostat

Boost my boiler when electricity is cheap

Inventum E-boiler

Start Home Connect washer when the cheapest power prices occur.

Home Connect
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