April 05, 2023

This is how we calculate your total savings

How we calculate how much money and carbon Stekker saves you

We've recently updated how Stekker calculates your savings. This might sound easy, but it is actually quite a hard problem that we are actively working on.

Until recently, the ‘savings’ we calculated strongly depended on the moment of plugging in.

If you did so right before a peak moment - like dinner time - you could artificially ‘inflate’ your savings, because Stekker would display that entire missed peak of expensive electricity use as power that you didn’t use. So it would tell you you saved huge amounts of money, despite maybe not even charging. If you would have plugged in 2 hours later, you would have not had those ‘savings’.

We care about the accuracy of what we’re telling you about your real cost reduction, so we’ve worked on a new method of calculating your savings. 

We now compare your use against the average rates that are common in your country for the particular moment that you plugged in your vehicle. So instead of comparing against an inflated price at some later moment, we now compare to an average at the moment that you plugged in. This gives a more realistic reading of your savings.

Dynamic rates

With dynamic contracts, suppliers charge electricity consumed based on the wholesale prices for specific hours. Stekker shifts a significant portion of your electricity consumption to hours with low market prices.

Traditional electricity suppliers sometimes charge additional markups to provide for more stable pricing. We also take this into account when calculating your savings.

Stekker is best used with a dynamic contract. Because the more flexible you are with your devices, car and power use, the more you can save cost and carbon compared to traditional contracts. You don't pay any high peak market fees, and Stekker helps you to cherry-pick the best moments to use electricity for you! 

If you want to know more about dynamic contracts and other electricity plans, be sure to check out what we explained earlier about different types of contracts and dynamic rates.

Stekker’s mission

Stekker tells you when electricity is cheap and clean, and already helps thousands of households to save money, reduce pollution and lower their CO₂-emissions - just by using electricity at a smarter moment in time. Stekker helps you to save costs and carbon - and we’re happy to work to an ever more precise way of telling you how much exactly.

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