Want to reduce your electricity costs?

Choose Stekker now as your smart charging method on E-Flux!

Save on charging costs with Stekker & E-Flux

Saving more on your charging costs is now possible thanks to a collaboration between E-Flux & Stekker, an app that allows you to easily charge at the cheapest and most sustainable moments. All you have to do is install the Stekker app and connect it to My E-Flux dashboard.

It is now becoming more and more affordable to smart charge your car via your charge point. Smart charging means that you instruct your car or charging point to only charge at times that are beneficial to the environment and to your wallet.

On average, a user can achieve savings on charging costs and carbon emissions of more than 30%. Start saving now by adding Stekker as your smart charging method on your E-Flux dashboard.

What is Stekker?

Stekker analyzes information about your vehicle, charging point, any solar panels and the overall energy market - and optimizes your charging session to be as smart as possible.

This way, your charging session utilizes the most sustainable energy sources, while stabilizing the grid and most importantly: reducing your costs!

How does smart charging work?

All you need to do to get started with Smart Charging is to let the app know when you need to use the car again. Stekker then finds the best timing to conduct the charging session to utilize clean energy sources, for example when the sun is shining or there is a lot of wind.


Start charging

Push notification that says 'Charging session started. Tap here to make it smart.'

Open the Stekker app

Screenshot of Stekker app where you can enable smart charging.

Setup smart charging

Barchart of kWh price per hour and highlighted the charging schedule.

Stekker analyzes the most preferable charging times for you

Total savings in 1 year

You save on charging costs and CO2!

Why should you connect with E-Flux?

What's in it for you?

How much savings are possible, depends on your energy contract - but the most active users can save more than 1,000 euros per year!

The greatest profit is possible with a dynamic energy contract with hourly rates. Even with a contract with peak and off-peak hours, the advantage of charging during off-peak hours is considerable.

It works for any vehicle!

It works for every vehicle, because Stekker communicates with your charging point via E-Flux and not with your car directly.

Some cars require you to enter your battery level first. You don't have to do this if you drive a Tesla, Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Hyundai or KIA.

How to pair your charger to Stekker with E-Flux


Log in to My E-Flux dashboard

This option can be found in the menu under 'Smart Charging'.


Press the "Pair" button

An input field for 'Smart Charging Pairing Code' appears. You can find the code in the Stekker app.


Choose 'Stekker' as your Smart Charging Method

An input field for 'Smart Charging Pairing Code' appears. You can find the code in the Stekker app.


Find your Stekker pairing code

You can find the pairing code in the Stekker app's main screen, or under 'Settings', in the 'Charging points' menu.

QR Code

Scan this QR code to download the Stekker app.

Download Stekker app

Download hier de Stekker app:

Google Play buttonApp Store button

Fill in the code at E-Flux

The code consists of five letters and numbers. Then click on 'Activate'.

Upon successful pairing, the status indicator in the top right corner changes from 'Not Paired' to 'Paired'.


Pairing Complete

Your charge point is now ready for smart charging with Stekker.


Load it!

From now on you will receive a message from Stekker as soon as you start charging.

Indicate in the app when you need the car again, and Stekker will calculate when charging is the smartest.

Have fun charging with Stekker and E-Flux!

Need help with Pairing? Please contact E-Flux Help Center: