April 12, 2022

Automatic smart charging for Tesla

We launched a new feature that makes it so much easier to smart charge your Tesla (we are working on the support for other brands).

When you get home after a long day, it might slip your mind to open Stekker and set your smart charging session. Perhaps you’re in a hurry to get dinner ready and you don’t have time to define your settings. We’ve just made it a lot easier to smart charge your Tesla with our new automatic smart charging feature.

With the automatic smart charging feature you:

  1. Add an automatic smart charging profile to determine what time you need your car everyday and how you want to charge.
  2. Receive a push notification when you start charging.

Using this feature will help you make every charging session a smart one, without having to remember to enable and define the right settings. We are working hard to bring this feature to other brands as well. 

How automatic smart charging works

Under the "charge points" menu in settings, you can provide an address for your charge point. This way, we can detect when you start charging. We do this by using the location details provided by Tesla. When you are less than 500 meters from your charge point we will detect a new session, and notify you with a push notification. Once a new session is detected you can always change the default settings by tapping on the notification.

Setting an automatic smart charging profile

Once you've added an address for your charge point, you can add an "automatic smart charging" profile in the Settings menu. In this profile you can define your default settings: what time you want your vehicle to be charged and what percentage should be charged smartly. Next time you plug in, Stekker will automatically start smart charging according to your preferences.

Here is how it looks:

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